Victory Donnybrook Stout

February 18, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Victory Donnybrook Stout ImageThe Victory Donnybrook Stout was my second beer of the night.  The nitro poured beer had a nice creamy head.  I actually was so eager I took a big sip and foamed up my stash.

Named after the infamous Donnybrook Fair in Donnybrook Ireland.  According to Wikipedia’s article on the town of Donnybrook, “Donnybrook Fair, a fair held from the time of King John onwards, which became notorious for drunkenness and violent disorder. This gave rise to the term a donnybrook, meaning a brawl or fracas. The fair was banned in 1855 and there is little trace of the village’s disreputable past; the only reminder of its raucous history is a supermarket called Donnybrook Fair on the main street.”  So the humor of this is that the beer itself has a fairly low ABV, 3.7%.

This is a nice smooth malty brew.  Hints of chocolate, oats, and fennel(?)  This beer is slightly sweet but the finish is dry.  97 Bottles has a great description of an interesting earthiness that I noted as well, “The subtle earthiness of European hops harmonize with the roasted barley to offer a whiff of peat.”  As many have mentioned around the interwebs (see Barleytalk, Beer Advocate, RateBeer), this beer is very drinkable and with the low ABV, you can drink away on this one.

Drink this on March 17th!