Craft Beer Club = AWESOMENESS!

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Are you interested in Craft Beer Club?  Click here By signing up via this link you support keeping Beer Geek, dude online!

No joke here people, Craft Beer Club = AWESOMENESS!  I have been approached by many companies since I started BeerGeek, dude in 2010 and I have turned them down, until now!  Craft Beer Club is a product I believe in.  I mean what is there not to love?  Craft beer, in the mail, delivered…monthly! just amazing, I love the interwebs!

If you subscribe for a full year you get the full package that was delivered to my doorstep last week.  I had seen their site but still didnt know what to expect, and honestly, I couldnt have expected the awesomeness that arrived.

The FedEx guy, in his stupid little budget truck that makes him look like a creeper, knocked on my door and needed my signature cause alcohol had arrived!  Ok, so that is cool factor the first.

I got the box inside and you should have seen the smile on my face when I opened the box to see an array of peanuts, 4 tasting glasses, and the best bottle opener I have ever used (really I might have been more excited about the damn bottle opener than anything.  It is perfectly weighted and feels nice in your hand. I get excited about things like that.

I think my buddy who was here was wondering if I was gonna remove the top tray to see the beer!

I did…

OMG, 4 styles of beer, 2 from Cisco Brewers and 2 from Lakefront Brewery. Reviews of them coming soon!

I am VERY happy with Craft Beer Club, and I think you will be too.

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