Founder’s Porter

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Ok, so this remembering what I drank thing is starting to get tough. There I am in the store looking at my iphone trying to remember if I drank this beer as part of this project yet. And the store does not have the best at&t service, esp. by the back cooler where the drinkable beer is. I need to get their wireless password and just jump on that way. I digress…

This is the beer I wanted last night, a great dessert beer. Toasty, malty, sweet with a hop finish. These Founder’s beers are just impressing me left and right. They are rich and full bodied. (remember when I had the Centennial IPA?)

The Founder’s Porter pours deep black with a dirty tan head. The aroma is like a dark chocolate croissant. The flavour! It is everything I am looking for in a porter and more. It is rich and creamy but crisp, bitter and bready too. I bet this would be good with a dollop of vanilla ice cream! With 45 IBUs this is a bitter beer, but I like bitter. Maybe I am bitter? Nothing to be bitter about after drinking this one.

The finish is so smooth that I really just want another sip. This is a session beer for sure.

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