Dogfish Head 90min Imperial IPA

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90 min IPA Dogfish Head ImageDay 2 of the minute IPA’s. Again, Thank you Spirit Shop of Williamstown for supporting this site!

Dogfish Head’s 90min Imperial IPA, is an Imperial IPA, also called a double IPA. This means that it is an IPAx2. Or Beer Advocate says “an IPA on steroids” The Imperial bit comes from “Russian Imperial Stouts,” strong dark beers in the style that was brewed in the 18th century by Thrale’s brewery in London, England for export to the court of Catherine II of Russia. (see the Wikipedia article to find out more). I think Imperial IPA sounds cooler so I prefer that term. However this is not an English, Indian or Russian beer. Imperial IPA’s are a true American creation.

I was so excited to leave my meeting tonight and rush home to try this one. Don’t get me wrong, I’d had this beer before, but this idea of drinking and examining the three IPA’s, in a row, has really gotten me pumped. I popped the cap and poured this one into my snifter, last night it was dirty and I was lazy so I had the Dogfish Head 60min IPA in the Shaker Pint glass.

Beautiful pour and a nice golden colour. The aroma is very different than last night. Yes, the hops. But different hops? Or, is it just the different timing? This beer has a pine smell to it, and flowers. Last night the 60min had more of a citrus aroma.

The flavour is interesting, in comparison to last night. I can definitely taste the malt in this beer. The mouthfeel is creamy and smooth, not as crisp as the 60min. The finish is dry and a bit yeasty. The whole experience leaves my senses on heightened awareness my tongue tingling, my sinuses cleared, and my mouth slightly dry.

One interesting note about this beer series. The 60min IPA has an ABV of 6% and an 60 IBU’s. The 90min IPA has an ABV of 9% and an 90 IBU’s. By the way an IBU is International Bitterness Unit. According to Brew Monkey, It is a number that denotes the bitterness of the beer. The higher the IBU the more bitter the beer. IBU = Ounces of Hops x AA% x Utilization% / Gallons x 1.34

Dogfish Head actually created a special device to hop their beer, the “Me So Hoppy” Watch this little video with Sam from Dogfish Head:

The 90min IPA is considered one of the best IPA’s in the world and always ranked in the top 5 for the Imperial IPA’s. This was the first continually-hopped beer the Delaware brewery made. It takes about a month to make from beginning to end. The 90 Minute IPA has been called the best I.P.A. in America. I am not alone in thinking that this is one great beer.

Note: Jason Mosley on, Mr. Bacon, makes a great point, “brewed to be enjoyed not chugged.”

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